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Radio Quiz: You can win a trip to Melbourne or whatever.
Question: In parts of which country is the bride not allowed to go to the toilet for three days after the marriage, to prevent bad luck.
Caller #1: Aftica? *neeek* wrong.
Caller #2: Umm, South America? *neeek* WRONG
Let’s review the question..
By the way, the right answer would have been Malaysia.

Posted by: sonja | 23.02.2010 | 23:02
Posted in: Allgemein

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  1. Asia??

    Kommentar von Morty — 24. Februar 2010 @ 08:39
  2. Ya, and what about Europe? Do they actually have electricity in that country??

    Kommentar von sonja — 25. Februar 2010 @ 23:38

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